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Giants Are Real

Last month's post closed with, "It looks like we're inching closer to finding an example of the elusive giant 26-inch "Leg Out" 239, that would have been the opposite of the known 25" Lane/Bil-Mar giant H-1 mold." I'm no prophet, but the time has indeed arrived for the Giant Leg-Out horse to be embraced by collector awareness. Sharp-eyed collector Dee Whitley not only found one, she found two! The one she let stay in the shop was described as the White Pearl with  "the purple & gold coloring just like in one of the pics on your web post". 

That is the first time I've heard of White Pearl in combination with another colourway on one horse. The Lane she brought home is "Bronze Brown" with Gold, as shown in her photos below. It looks similar to other Lane Black with Gold OFs in these photos, but it is truly bronze in color. Congratulations, and thank you for sharing, Dee!

24.25" tall x 15" wide!

Note that, like the Giant Rearing Facing Right mate when compared with its smaller versions, 
this large version is not a purely mechanical enlargement of the little 239.
It appears to be a completely different sculpture, in and of itself.

This shot shows off his bronze-chocolate color best.

The Giant Leg-Out is mold number H-114.

But wait, there's more

Another Giant discovery has enhanced our knowledge of these "Mystery Horses". Although a completely different color glaze, this fellow is an authentic factory finish Lane Giant Rearing Facing Right. This mold is the mate to the Giant mold above, however, this particular color is in the family with the Mustard H-1 (the small 14" guys).

This version measures 24" x 18" wide, a perfect mate to the Giant above.

Giant Rearing Facing Right is mold number H-11.

As is the case with most Lanes, the OF Giant Facing Right has an inscribed base bottom surface, while hobby molds are open-bottom.* This confirms my suspicion that the bronze glaze of this design shown in my earlier blog entries is, in fact, the Bil-Mar #524 Large Rearing Horse hobby mold glazed by a private hobbyist. Case closed on that fellow!

This is a good time to review the mold identity number sequence, since we're adding some official mold numbers to the list today. This Giant Leg-Out is mold number H-114, which makes no sense  in relation to the other mold numbers of its own smaller versions, the 239, the Bent-Leg 1156, and the added-base 2103. 

This is because it is numbered in relation to its Giant mate, although not in normal sequence. They just added on a number at the end to subsequent molds. Giant Leg-Out (Facing Left) has a 4 added on, to differentiate him from Giant Facing Right. Giant Facing Right's mold number also has a non-sequential addition of 1, to set it apart from its smaller version, the Rearing Facing Right H-1. This later adding-on of numbers to an original base number supports my speculation that the H-1 (no-branch) mold is the earliest of the Maureen Love Lanes.

So it goes: Facing Right H-1 (14"), Facing Right H-11 (24"), Facing Left Leg-Out H-114 (24").

Lane Factory Glazes Update

There are two more glaze colors to add to Bent-Leg 1156 mold's range. One of which shows zero restraint on Lane's part, the other is much more palatable to the realistic horse collector. Let's ease into this with the Smoky Black:

Look closely, the bottom one appears to be different in the mold, particularly around the hind leg, tail, and face.
Are we looking at a further derivation?

You can't say I didn't warn you. This one feels like a carnival prize, so how about calling this glaze "Cotton Candy" for now?

Here is an excellent example of their handsome woodgrain finish, on a Lane 3029 Leaf Platter. The factory really was quite good at this look. It's no wonder they put it to work on their horses, as well.

Lane did other platters, one of which has stolen my heart. I am seeking the Lane Hot Dog Platter shown on this blog Nothing says "family cookout" like a hot dog roasting his own kin over an open campfire. Drop me a line if you have one for sale or trade.

This is not a Lane, and not a Love, but it illustrates how the "Natural with Green Grass" glaze finish was employed by more than one pottery. I found this TV lamp fellow at a flea market, with his entire tail missing, and a mop of yarn stuffed in its place. 

The seller wanted a bit for him because he was now improved and more lifelike, and working. A moment of silence for the Pointer fire hazard... The site TV informs us that this is a Mar-Lita Lamp Co. TV lamp. Here is a link to a pic of their table-top lamp version of this same Pointer. The crisp mold detail on some of these is quite nice.

It's been established that several potteries did the crazy colors-with-gold-accents glazes on their own horses, but this was my first sighting of a non-Lane so similar to the Natural with Green glaze. It's even the same green shade of underglaze. Don't rely on glaze color alone to identify a Lane. The Puma posted earlier was a Lane planter, identified by the incised mold markings underneath.


Thanks to more education about these horses, online auction closing prices seem to be on the rise. The increased awareness and spreading enthusiasm is giving values a little boost. Gathered from closed auctions and vintage dealer prices, here is an idea of what you might expect to pay for Love Lanes in 2012.

Giant OF Rearing, either mold: $10 to $50 (damaged)
H-1 Rearing 14": $12 (damaged) to $46
Derived Bent-Leg 1156: $34 to $42
A-9 Running: $25
Hobby mold final sale prices range $10 to $30 by size, condition, and finish. Nicely glazed ones may go higher.

I personally haven't seen any other sold values so far this year. Chime in, if you have more to add.

Thank you again to Dee Whitley for the photos and data, and thank you to Susan Candelaria for a value report. 

Keep your eyes peeled for these odd horses! Even if the horse isn't coming home with you, snap an "in the shop" photo with your phone, and send it my way. 

* The only exception in OF (factory finish) Lanes is the A-9 Running Horse version 2, which lacks both a base bottom and an incised mold number anywhere on its form. 


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