Monday, March 9, 2015

Benefits of Collector Teamwork, Part One

Today's Muddy Monday is a little different format. I'm letting the Team- Diana, Christina Harrington, and Lois Bennington- tell their story. There will be a part two post about Team collecting, more of an analysis of the strategy. It all began with a dream... Diana Dubbeld had a dream, February 21st.
So how is this for a weird dream. I had a dream about an estate sale in Marysville, OH (I didn't even know the town existed till I looked it up) that was 3.5 hours away (oddly this is how far away it is too). I found an add online with photos of a bunch of old Hagen-Renakers. The one that really got me though was an insane claybody custom large Amir decorated in a dark dapple grey like Maureen Love did on a few of her personal models but darker. This guy was old too. The kicker, the sale started at 9am and there was no way I could physically get there for the start thanks to insomnia keeping me up late. So I called Christina and asked her and Lois to go buy all the things! Then I woke up. *sigh*
Oh, how we all got a sweet chuckle out of that status post. So many of us have had those vivid collector dreams. The difference here was that a couple days later, Diana learned that there was indeed an auction that week. Make that, TWO auctions with HRs in OH.

My dream inspired me to look at auctions in Ohio. I knew Christina had found an auction, so when I had found two I asked her if she found the Cortez and Fez auction or the Heathers auction. She had not found the Heathers one. Here is the Heathers auction listing pic.

Could you find the HRs in this photo, at a glance?

Lois: So Christina contacted me last week about an auction on a Friday (27th). I don't usually look at Auction Zip for Friday auctions since I work. Christina had to work also. I managed to get the day off and went to the auction with hopes to get the following horses. I had planned on giving the lying Fez to Christina for finding the auction and Diana D gave me bids for the Bambi and the HR Jack and Jill. Here are the pictures of what we saw in the auction ad:

Lois: The 6" Zilla and Lying Fez were nice but broken. The King Cortez was really pretty but had an ear chip. But I felt excited that he would be going home for me. The auction started at 10. The animal box lots never went up until after 2:30. (which made me hopeful that people were leaving and/or running out of funds). The first box that went up was the minis and I got into a bidding war with some guy. It ended up at $105.00. When he lost the bid, he looked really ticked. (I talked to him later and he was after the Bambi for resale). Here are pictures of what was in the mini box.

Photos by Lois Bennington

Lois: The ducks went a little better - $35.00 for the box.

HR Jack & Jill 
Photos by Lois Bennington

Lois: Hard to believe on the same day in Ohio, the HR horses were coming out of the woodwork.

Diana: I know! Crazyness!

Lois: Back to my auction - there was a lot that was not pictured in the auction ad. HR Alex and Elizabeth for $17.50. Unfortunately, there is a missing tail feather.

Photos by Lois Bennington

Muddy Hoofprints: Those are a nice pair!

Diana: Very cute!

Lois: Now, we are down to like the last 8 lots and the horses were coming up. The auctioneer was a nice old guy but I think he was getting a little punch-drunk. The auction had taken a lot more time than he had planned. So he's sitting there pushing the box lots over to the helpers. He held the King Cortez up and reared the model back and actually whinnied. I about died. Little did he know how much the box lot would eventually go for and afterwards he said he was stunned and wanted to know what was in the box.

I got into a bidding war with the guy who had bid on the Bambi. My last bid was $425.00 and I did not get the horses.

I was standing there when the auctioneer asked HIM what was in the box and the bidder said that he bought it for the rearing horse and that it was worth $500.00. I asked him if he knew of the ear damage and he said yes, that he would do the restoration on them (Cortez, the Zilla and Fez also) and would resell them.

Muddy Hoofprints: How optimistic! lol

Lois: Yep, that was what I thought.
So, I'm sad that I didn't get the Fez for Christina but lo and behold - she got both a Zilla and a lying Fez at the other auction for a lot less than I was bidding for broken ones. And TWO Heathers!!

Christina Harrington: When Diana sent me the Heathers pic, I got excited as the auction was 30 minutes from me. I had to work during the auction start, but luckily a non-horsey friend was able to go. We figured out a budget and I almost didn't go to the preview. At the preview, I also learned that the room the Heathers were in would not be starting until 4:30. Luckily, I did stop by, as I also found another (unpictured on the website) lot that had a Fez in undamaged condition, as well as an undamaged small Zilla, and a breyer which already had an absentee bid. Since Diana found the auction, I gave her first choice of the Heathers and she picked the grey one. I requested first chance to buy the grey if she ever decided to sell and she agreed. So, [non-horsey] friend was able to buy the Heathers box for way less than what we had budgeted, and then I drove out and made it in time to bid on the foals, and then bring them home.

Photo by Christina Harrington

Christina: It helped that the Heathers were in with a bunch of other porcelains that really looked bad. My friend didn't keep any of the other pieces besides the Heathers. The Heathers box sold for less than $30, foals box sold for less than $10. The Foals box did not include the Breyer, that sold first as choice for absentee bidder.

Photo by Christina Harrington

Muddy Hoofprints: OK, that Breyer Mustang was nothing to sneeze at.

Photos by Christina Harrington

What a wonderful job of teamwork these ladies accomplished, in short order, despite work schedules. Enlisting help, listening to intuition, and being fearless in the face of seasoned bidders paid off. Thank you, friends, for sharing your auction adventure with all of us. Congratulations on your excellent wins!