Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Son of Return of the Cryptomolds

No sooner than I hit the "Publish" button, new photos arrive and and are made! This is a short addition to the previous post, since there are so many, it would be a ridiculous edit.

Starting with factory colors:

Today, Jayne Kubas brought this unusual A-9. It is a color rather unlike my own shaded Smoke Gray Natural. While the Smoke has a bluish tinge, this new shaded Gray Natural has a warm, almost brown gray, and it is sprayed in a different direction. It is sprayed direct front-to-back, instead of oblique full-body shading.

Left: blue Smoke Natural; right: warm Smoke with direct front shading.

Left: blue (cool tone); right: warm tone

Another Mexican plaster casting copy (marked "MEXICO" on the base front), with a warped face.

Photo courtesy Kim Knight.

Bil-Mar 27" hobby mold in speckle glaze ("fleabit"), custom glazed by unknown.

Photo courtesy Kim Knight.

Hobby mold copy of A-9 in brown art glaze that really shows off how far the detail is from Maureen's original smooth technique. Custom glazed by unknown.

Photo courtesy Kim Knight.

Thank you to Kim for the photo submissions, and a special thank you to Jayne, for the unique addition to my A-9 conga. It fits right in with the others!

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