Monday, May 13, 2013

Muddy Monday: Another Color Pops Up

If variety is the spice of life, then Lane Ceramics' Maureen Love horses must register in Scoville Heat Units. 

Here is a previously unrecorded color, on the Running Horse A-9 version 1, discovered by collector Diane Knoth.

This may be the first Lane Love horse we've seen with a "blaze". I'm going to say it. It's stinkin' cute.

Compared to the softly shaded Salmon with Gold, this underglaze is much redder, like the Natural Red color seen without gold, later in the run. 

Due to very oblique-angle directional shading, this model is quite pale, from the rear view. Shown with a White and a Salmon for contrast. Salmon, you'll note, lacks the purple spray around the base of its mane and tail. This helps determine that this new color is not just a variation of Salmon.

Another photo with altered lighting, which helps show even more contrast between them all.

Calling this new one "Red with Gold/Purple", for now.

Thank you so much, Diane!

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