Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Splitting March Hairs, or 2012's Post Additions

First, it is possible to dig up more information on the real Nataf, if you are so inclined. A web site run by the AHA, the Arabian Horse DataSource, charges $9.95/month for membership. If you need it for longer, there are other membership options. Happily, the Nelsons' "lost" collection still exists. That is all I am permitted to share, at this time.

More Lane Colors

Here is an example of the OF Caramel Brown with Gold (or, as I described it even earlier, "deep auburn with gold"). I didn't have photo permission until now, so this is the first time this OF color has been shown here. The highest points of the sculpture tend towards a red-brown where the glaze is thinner or got hotter. Even the Mustard yellow has the tiniest hint of this on the upper ear tips, but it is a different glaze. 

H-1 v.1 in Caramel with gold encircling the body.

As with other Lanes, some Caramels have the gold overglaze only on the mane, eyes, nostrils, and hooves (and grass), and some have gold also encircling the neck and quarters. Examples of the white/pink/purple with gold on the second version H-1:

H-1 v.2 with gold encircling the body.
It is possible to collect ALL of the small molds in this matching color.

H-1 v.2 photo courtesy Scott, in this blog's Comments.

Remember how I had a bad file that wouldn't let me show you the woodgrain father-son set of 239 versions 1 and 2? I found a way to access it.

There is even a mold number (2103-USA) incised on an upper edge of the base. I forgot what they looked like in all that time, and it turns out their graining was quite distinct (I was wrong). I'd even wonder if the "son" was a further size reduction, since if the big (v.2) one is 18", it would make sonny boy about 10" tall. He's even closer to the camera, and he still looks too small to be as big as the known OF 239v.1, at 14.25" tall. 

The washy woodgrain examples are quite different. They need a new name. Molten Chocolate?

More Derived Molds

Remember my first Lane post, regarding the giant 25" H-1 (Rearing Right) mold?

"I have only seen one other example, and it was a cold-painted faux woodgrain finish."

I was wrong. What I saw as a teen was this derivation, in this exact "antique" finish, not woodgrain, and seeing it forwarded in an email jolted my memory. The added mane is what got me. Note that the base addition is an embellished style of the 239v.2 base addition, and another mold derivation example that follows. With the base addition, this ceramic is 28" tall.

It looks like we're inching closer to finding an example of the elusive giant 26" "Leg Out" 239, that would have been the opposite of the known 25" Lane/Bil-Mar giant H-1 mold. This is a mold for a cement or plaster figure, and it yields a 26" tall 239 derivation. Note the added base. While the beast that comes out of this mold is a far cry from the original, it's a hint that there really was a giant 239 Leg Out version. How? The 239v.2 is 18" tall, and even if you added 8" of base to it, it would not be proportioned in height like this. It would be a big base with a small horse atop it, instead of what we see here:

Side-By-Side Comparison of Lane H-1 Rearing Horse Original Mold
and Derived H-1 v.2 in Similar OF Color

Unlike the results of the A-9 molds comparison, these two versions are of the same production quality level. The first version is harder to find, and probably was replaced by the reinforced-forelegs second version, due to breakage. Naturally, you're going to see fewer of the older, and more delicate, first version. Of course, the V.1 is larger, since going down a mold generation shrinks the product.

H-1 v.1
H-1 v.2
Base length
6.5 inches
 6 inches
Base width
Horse length
Total height
Poll to Muzzle

Base inscriptions have © in a different place.

H-1 v.1 left, v.2 right.

The added branch in the v.2 mold connects both forelegs to base.

 That should hold us for a couple more weeks. Keep sending your photos, even the "ones that you let get away". Back to pottery work, for me!